Toilet Training and your carpet and rug


The key to potty training successfully  is starting  at the right time, when your son/daughter is ready. If you start before this, the process will take longer to complete. 

peeing on carpet baby problem

“Wetting your carpet with baby urine” or  “Getting your rug soaked with urine or potty” can be one of the dilemmas of training your baby for potty  training.

Potty training equipment

You could try a training seat which fits on top of your toilet seat. But make sure it feels comfy and secure, and attaches firmly. You’ll also need a footstep which will allow your toddler to climb on and off the seat easily and stabilise himself while he’s sitting on it

How to potty train baby without wetting your carpet

You will need to  recognise the signs of your baby  needing a wee.

Baby urine on carpets and rugs  potty training

Time spent without clothes for your baby may help him/her  to recognise when it’s time to go. Try this naked time on several consecutive days, in the evenings, or just at weekends. The more time your child spends out of nappies, the faster he’ll learn.

The  potty should be in a accessible place while he/she  plays, and encourage him to sit on it now and again. Prepare for the occasional puddle, and place plastic over your carpet to protect it.

Covering your carpet

Suggestions received  for covering the carpeting and furniture until the child can make it to the potty on time is also a good idea

Dress your baby  in loose-fitting clothes that he can easily take off. But if he still still wets his pants, don’t get angry  or scold/ punish him.  Nothing can disrupt potty training faster than making a child feel bad for having an accident.


Cold turkey method

Go cold turkey. No more diapers or even Pull-Ups.
This is very important. Pull-Ups are still diapers so NO cheating . Yes, I know this is harsh, but it can work wonders.  There is no confusion. You can  warn her /him for a few days beforehand. Talk about being big and using the potty like mommy and dad

During this whole process of training ,  at some point there will be piss and/or shit on your carpet and you must act like this is no problem whatsoever.

Cleaning Dirty carpets

  • As for shit on carpet, clean it with a wet wipe and then a thorough clean with antibacterial wipes could do the trick quickly.
  • Fill a cup with lukewarm water and spill it on the area that has your child’s urine. This will dilute the urine and also make it easier to soak it up if it is already dry.
  • Place a thick towel over the wet carpet and apply pressure by stepping firmly on it or using your hands while applying most of your body weight as you do so. This will help absorb the water and urine
  • Apply a pet urine cleaning detergent to the area to wash out the urine. Detergents made to clean pet urine have enzymes that break down pet urine odors and work just as well on human urine. You can find them at any pet store in your area
  • Repeat point 2

IDeas for potty training form the internet

she wanted Dora underwear so I put them on and said “Dora doesn’t want pee on her face.”My daughter looked appropriately horrified and solemnly nodded.(job done)

Hope this helped you, funnily enough there are tips you can use from dog training   for cleaning carpets from baby urine,  but dog potty training is altogether another story. Good luck

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