Steps to Potty Training Your Child

step by step potty training for baby and toddlers

Parents to worry about potty training their kids however, if it is done in the right manner, it is not quite a difficult task. Experts claim that one day your kid will start going to the toilet and accomplish toilet training so do not spend too much time and worry on this aspect. Many times this may start from the age of 18 months and sometimes it may not the case until the child is aged 4 or above.

Like various other things such as eating, talking, walking as well as making friends, kids love to these in their own way instead of your way. So, no matter what are the circumstances, you kid will get trained one day.  There is not point worrying yourself silly and watching potty training videos all day .

Following mentioned is a step-by-step guide to the potty training process which will be quite effective in your training sessions.

Potty Training Your Child step by step

Get them familiar with the potty & Guide them


When kids get started with potty training which is usually from 18 – 24 months, there are many varieties available. You can start talking about potty training after their first year so as to develop their interest. You can also keep in some handy books about the training process or you can make stories of their favourite characters that also use the toilet to poo or wee. The main idea is to get the child comfortable with it.

Grab the signs which show that the kid is ready

There are many signs which tell that your child is ready. They show increased interest in going to the toilet, tells you about potty, getting uncomfortable in dirty nappies, get dressed by themselves, follows instructions, goes to the toilet at regular schedules as well as remains dry for a longer time period. Though, it is not necessary that all these signs are present in your kid. You will have to search for indications as well as learn their capability for potty training.

Select the right potty

Get the right type of potty. You can go for a floor potty seat or the one which goes up to the length of an adult toilet. There are many parents who keep many potties all over the house. This is not a good idea as the kids will not get used to repeated use.

Select the right time

Proper guideance along with alert supervision is necessary for this task.  Even if the kid is all set for potty time, experts advice that if they are stressed or under bad health, postpone the sessions for some time. Kids tend to learn any new skill when they are completely relaxed and have a normal routine. Moreover, when your kid starts going to the toilet, make sure he is taken out from the crib and is transitioned onto a big bed.

Exhibit the method of potty training

When you start training the child, take him to the toilet often. Make him sit on the potty at regular intervals and especially the first thing after waking up in the morning, at nights or before you go outside. Tell them to remove their pants first and then sit on the toilet. Guide them by talking to them about the process  or play a game so that they find the process interesting. After this, whether they have actually done something or not, instruct them to flush the toilet and wash their hands.

Tell them hygiene rules

Hygiene is very important so tell your kids to wipe clean from front to back and remain clean. Tell them to wash their hands as well and for this purpose you can bring their favorite soap or sing along a song with them while they are washing hands.

Reward them

Accidents are a part of the training process so if they occur do not get frustrated and avoid punishing them. As a matter of fact, this might delay the successful completion of the training as they will get scared. Praise and reward them when they have used the potty successfully.

Good luck with your toilet training ! 🙂 and if  are looking to get  a little help check this link out 


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