Problems and Solutions of Potty Training


quick tips for potty training solutions

If your kid has complaints with potty training then do not get frustrated. There are many parents who have this complain. Following mentioned are the most common potty training problems and their solutions.

Solutions for baby potty training

· The kid is not ready to use the toilet. There are many kids who are afraid of the toilet as they think it is something in which once went will never comes back. Considering this vantage point, the toilet can be rendered as something to steer off. Under such a situation, the only thing you can do is to get them comfortable with the potty chair. Get the potty chair personalized by writing his name on it or his favorite sticker. Avoid forcing your child towards potty training and if he wants to stay in diapers for some time more, let it be.

· When you want your kid to go to the toilet, he either gets upset or says no upright. If this is your case as well, then back off from the sessions for a while and let your child think that they are in charge of this project. In this process, the following tips will help,

o Remind them about the toilet and its uses.

o Do not panic over accidents and never punish them.

o Avoid hovering. Getting your child forced to sit on a potty can make things even worse.

o Give reward for good behaviour. Praise the efforts of the kid and reward them with their favourite items.

· The child is not having bowl movements when he sits on the potty or refuses to go. If the kid used to have regular bowel movements prior to using the potty, note the time such as 20 minutes after waking up in the morning or any other such schedule. Get the potty nearby in these times so that he can rush to it quickly. Moreover, you can involve a preschool or day-care provider in this plan. In case, the kid is still facing issues in bowel movements, then ask him to put on the diaper whenever he wants to pee.

· The child is suffering from constipation. This is another reason why your kid may be refusing to use the toilet. Give him food which is rich in fiber in addition to whole grain bread, cereal as well as broccoli as it will help in avoiding constipation.

· The child refuses to use the toilet at school or daycare. In such a case, find the root of the problem. Perhaps, the teacher takes the children to the toilet in groups and your kid want privacy or perhaps it is the toilet which he dislikes. You can always ask for modification and get the kid comfortable with the toilet.

· The child was trained successfully however, he started meeting accidents again. Under such a case, the first thing you should do is to never let him feel ashamed. Find a relaxed moment and talk to him about it. Tell him he will be rewarded next time he uses the toilet.

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