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Potty Training

Many parents consider potty training as quite a difficult task to accomplish however, if your child is ready for this then there is not much to get worried of. There are signs which indicate that your child is ready for potty training .

how to potty train

What is the correct age for Potty Training ?

These are some of the questions that most mums and dads have asked us

When to start potty training?

At what age should i potty train?

what is potty training age for boys and girls?

When should i start toilet training for my toddler ?

Below are some of the answers and tips for these questions, but if you want a detailed guide/video and ebook ,its best to check out this product

These ready for potty training signs are as follows:

· They have control over their bladder. Usually babies aged between 18 – 24 months are considered ready for potty training.  However this should be taken  only as a general age  and could differ as every baby is different. It should always be remembered that how quickly a toddler will start potty training depends upon different factors which include genetic aspects as well.

· The toddler should know that they are doing a wee or a poo. From 18 months and above, toddlers start understanding their bowel movements and will stop playing or will stand still when they want to poo or wee.

· It is important that your kid is showing interest in going to toilet or sitting on a pot. Many times kids go to the toilet with their parents and start showing interest that they want to use the toilet also. If this happens, encourage them even if no results are derived.

Guide to start potty training

Introduce your kid with the pot: To start potty training there are many options available. Start talking with your toddler about it. Incorporate the use of potty in different stories you tell to your kid. The main idea is to raise awareness about using the pot and making the kid comfortable with it.

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The toddler should show signs of readiness: There are signs which indicate that your child is ready for potty training which includes feeling uncomfortable with dirty diapers, showing interest in using potty, getting dresses by themselves and staying dryer for a longer time period. Although these signs are good for starting potty training however, the interest as well as capability of using the potty is still very important.

Select the right potty: There are many types of potty available which ranges from floor potty to its seat up matching the length of an adult toilet. Experts advice that using a single potty will help you kid adapt to the change quickly.

Teach hygiene rules: Always teach your kids to remain clean. Tell them how to wipe from back to front, flush and wash their hands afterwards.

Praise them and give rewards: Remember that accidents are a part of potty training so avoid punishing your child if they wet their pants.

Problems in potty training

There might be certain problems in your potty training process which may include:

· The toddler is not ready to use the toilet: Many kids fear toilets. Get them comfortable with the situation by brining a potty chair.

· The child is wetting himself: If this is the case, you have two options open – either go back to nappies and start the training after few weeks or get ready for changing and washing many clothes.

· Everything went right and then an accident occurred: Just when you think your kid is trained, they get to wet their pants. If this happens do not get frustrated as accidents are a part of the procedure.

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