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How To Make A Baby Boy – 5 Simple Natural Methods

baby boy naturally methodPlanning and Finding the best solution on how to make a baby boy is much easier, when you have some learned how the female body works and how the whole female reproductive process works including the process of how the eggs get fertilized by female or male sperm. Not all people have the knowledge or the time to learn these and not many people also believe in going the scientific or medical way, with many people looking to preferably to do this with natural methods using home and natural products, such as various foods or home proven methods for example.

If you are a person looking looking for solutions on how to conceive a boy naturally or even a person willing to try solutions including the most accessible scientific ways to increase your chances of giving birth to a male baby, you should read the tips and suggestions below.

There are many reasons why a person would want a baby boy

You may find yourself hoping for or wanting a boy because:

  • You already have one or more girls.
  • You grew up in a single parent household without female influence.
  • You grew up in a large family without sisters.
  • You are worried that you don’t know how to raise a girl.

How To Make A Baby Boy By Having Frequent Sex

This is a no brainer and possibly the most accessible easy and exciting solution to how to make a baby boy with no medical help. It involves having sex as often as possible. So, if your relationship with your husband /wife or partner isn’t exactly exciting at this point, you should try to spice it up/get it going. You can do this by initiating intimate contact more frequently, as frequent and regular sex gives male sperm more chances of reaching the fertile egg in the woman.

Scientific methods and research have proven that the male sperm have shorter tails and smaller heads and so they swim faster through the female obstacle course called the cervical mucus. If you have sex many times regularly, the male sperm has more chances to reach inside of the vagina around the ovulation date and to fertilize the egg at the right time.


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How To plan or Conceive A Boy Naturally By Stop drinking Alcohol

As simple as it sounds, sometimes you have to abstain from certain things to increase your success rate. You can increase the odds of conceiving a baby boy by eating the right foods, to show you how to make a baby boy but also limiting some foods or alcoholic beverages that can lower the chances of giving birth to a male baby.

An important example of a product that can actually hinder or lower the chances of you conceiving a baby is the drinking of alcoholic beverages. Drinking alcohol can result in the increase the production of female hormones, and so there is lower amount of male hormones and sperm count. This could lessen the chances of a getting a baby boy

Some studies also suggest that drinking of alcohol can affect the sperm-producing cells located in testicles, so it’s quite obvious that by drinking alcoholic beverages regularly, chances of conceiving a male baby are lowered. It is recommended that this is limited while trying for a baby.

How To Fall Pregnant With A Boy By Having Unplanned Sex

Even though this theory is not supported by scientific proof and research , there are numerous studies and data showing a cause-effect link between unplanned and unromantic sex and the result of male babies being born. Data and information from online resources have indicated that this can cause the conception of male babies. Many women have claimed they have conceived a baby boy in random weeknight’s sex or one night stands by some women. This would be possible when there was no tracking ovulation possibly and also no tracking of basal body temperature or paying attention to cervical mucus.

What this really indicates is that women are saying that, the chances of giving birth to a male baby is much higher when you have intercourse without any candles or romantic settings or also a long prelude. So, basically if you have sudden unplanned sex or unromantic sex on just random days, you could conceive a baby boy or increase your chances of a male baby

Conceive A Boy With Cough Syrup, Its True

This is strange and many might say weird as well , but as strange as it sounds they are many women who have claimed that they have conceived a baby boy after using cough syrup just before they had an intimate relationship. As would be obvious this is just from reports online from parents who have successfully had boys and does not have any scientific evidence or backing.

The scientific data that we do have though is that , cough syrup when taken works by thinning the cervical mucus as well as the mucus in the respiratory tract ( for cough obviously) . It is already proven that the sensitive and fragile male sperm could travel well inside the female body if the mucus us thinner. So, if you are using cough syrup on a day you are having sexual intercourse the pathways for the male sperm could be easy swim and increase the change of you giving birth to a boy as the internal flow in the women’s body on that day becomes more conducive for a male sperm to do its job and get a woman pregnant.


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How To Plan A Boy Baby By Tracking Your Basal Body Temperature

Dr Shettles is a well-known doctor when it comes to everything about baby making.  According to Doctor Shettles to increase the chances of making a baby boy you will need to track your basal body temperature and also regularly check your body temperature and monitor it during your monthly cycle. The monitoring needs to be done to track any changes in your body temperature.

The odds of having a baby boy increase if the ideal body temperature is maintained. It is already well known that intimate contact near the women’s ovulation date is more likely to result in the pregnancy of a baby boy, more than a female baby. The charting of the body temperature during this cycle is important for knowing when ovulation approaches. To have a successful try at this method, you will need to buy a thermometer to keep track of the basal temperature throughout the month.

This method is quite widely used and you can purchase a kit from the pharmacy to monitor your temperature and there are kits that have all the tools to make it easy for you to track your basal temperature and chart your ovulation so that you know exactly what is going on in your body. This method has been scientifically proven to be efficient with some good success rate and so you should try it, if you are keen on planning to fall pregnant with a baby boy.

Best Sexual Positions To Conceive A Boy: Standing Ones

One of the best positions to increase your success rate to having a baby boy is said to be the standing one. This sexual position allows the dominant male to take control of this intimate session due to the strength required in such a position . This sexual position also allows for deep penetration by the dominant male partner and is said to increase the odds of having male babies.

This can also be done in such a manner that the pelvis remains in a upright position, and particularly so because a female sperm is heavier and swims slower than the male sperm. For a fertilizing egg swimming against gravity this is surely a better position and the standing position is an obvious choice for increasing your chances to conceive a boy.

How To Make A Baby Boy By Quitting Cigarette Smoking

Quitting Cigarette smoking can increase the chances of giving birth to a baby boy , specially to those who are occasional or habitual smokers. It is well known that the chemical present in cigarettes not only affect the sperm count but also the mortality of the sperms. Doctors will often advice you to give up smoking while you are trying to have a baby. The chemicals in the cigarette can affect the sperms, making them less mobile and therefore less likely to reach the female fertile egg to give birth to babies.

Research has proven that the male sperm is more fragile than the female one and therefore it is easy to understand why smoking kill sperms carrying the Y chromosome faster than the female sperm. It is because of this that you should avoid smoking if you are trying for a baby boy, and also avoid places with exposure to cigarette smoke, to enhance and increase your chances of getting a baby boy

Toxins and chemical from cigarettes and alcohol can affect both male and female partners. Both partners, the male and female should avoid any such substances including alcohol to have a healthier reproductive tract , which is more likely to favour the conception of a baby.


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