GAdgets to help baby toilet training

Kohler has just launched a new toilet gadget that  not only helps ensure you keep your hands hygienic , but also makes it more appealing  for your baby to get potty trained. Its called  the  “touchless Flush” .

Gadgets for potty training

gadget for toilet training baby touchless flushing

Just a few short years ago, Kohler brought introduced the touchless faucet in jetsons  cartoon future style ,  and now they’re back with something even better — a touchless flusher button that you dont have to press

Here is the youtube video below for the product

When this gadget is  installed  in your toilet  you dont need to press the button to flush the  toilet, all you need to do is wave your hand over the button and the toilet flushes’ itself

Touchless Toilet


kohler touchless toilet button gadget

Discover a more hygienic way to flush with touchless technology on the popular KOHLER® Cimarron toilet.

Video on how  to install it

The small battery-powered module attaches to the toilet tank with a metal bracket and is designed to fit inside the tank to remain out of sight.

You can get is from the home depot or amazon  priced anywhere between $49 to $66.

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