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Getting your toddler ready for potty training requires a great deal of effort however, this process can be made easier if your toddler shows all positive signs of being ready for the training procedure.

Indications that your toddler is ready

· Your kid is old enough to control their bladder. Getting the child for potty training becomes a lot easier when they are aged two or above as this becomes virtually impossible for kids aged below 18 months since the sphincters of the bowel and bladder are not under control. In addition to this, bladder control also depends upon genetics which can be early or late. Moreover, boys may take longer as compared to girls.

· The toddler is showing interest in the training process. When kids start to understand the purpose of a toilet, they develop interest in using it as well which is an indication that they are ready for potty training. Encourage this thought even if no results are derived.

· They know that they want to wee or poo. Kids of 18 months and above usually start developing the sense that they are opening their bowels. They might stop playing or might stand still with concentration. Many kids even tell that they have done a wee or poo and wants you to change them.

Preparing for potty training

If your toddler is all set for potty training, then there are few things which require consideration:

· If the child is suffering from bad health, due to any reason, then getting your kid ready for potty training is baseless and you will attain no results.

· The best time to start potty training is during the summer season. In case they face an accident and you have extra laundry, you can get it dried out easily and quickly.

How long will the training process be?

Bowel control comes before bladder control and many times your kid will be wet in night after spending the day dry. Potty training is not a task of one day. It may take months and there may come minor relapses.

Starting the training process

· Explain your actions to your child. Ensure that they get the idea of what you are doing and tell them that they have grown older and from now onwards they will wee or poo in the toilet. You can also give them rewards for this action.

· Remove nappies. Once the potty training has started, do not get your kid back to use nappies as it will only distract them and get the training process to complete successfully delayed.

· Get them to visit toilets early. In the start of the training, get the child to sit on the potty for after every half an hour. Also encourage them to sit on the potty after waking up in the morning.

· Award them. When your child managed to do pee or woo in the toilet, lavish them with praise and give them what they long for. Once they are used to the toilet, you can drop this aspect down.

This can be a hard task with some babies and  there are products that give a heads up to get your baby training fast , if you want to accelerate your babies potty training.

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  1. Roberto79 says:

    I have a one year old nephew and he still doesn’t know how to control his bladder. Maybe he’s too young for it, but I guess he needs to learn it so that he could be independent at a very young age. Thanks for this article, gonna tell my sister bout this so that she could train her son.

  2. Johnny says:

    This is interesting! I never thought of teaching the kids about potty training at a very young age. Although i don’t have any kids yet, but i’m sure gonna apply this technique to my kids in the future

  3. Saraboddington says:

    I taught my 3 years old daughter about going to the toilet when she needs to, when she was about to turn to 2 years old. I know it’s kinda late, but I managed to discipline her, and now she’s all on her own. She will just tell me when she needs to go to the toilet, i will accompany her and everything is fine 🙂

  4. Maria says:

    I used to use your technique, remove the nappies. I did that to my little boy. At first he will pee himself, at anywhere, but after awhile, he will come and tell me that he needs to pee, it means that he wont pee anywhere, again!

  5. Ian says:

    I dont have any kids, but i find this article helpful. It’s actually quite important to train your kids to used to potty training at a very young age. I might use the tips you’ve given above, to my future kids later!

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